2019 Autumn Festival

Derwent Valley Autumn Festival 2019

Preparations for the 2019 Derwent Valley Autumn Festival are in full swing ahead of an expected bumper crowd on Sunday 14 April.

There’ll be nearly 130 stallholders including:

  • local produce and crafts
  • local brewery and winery products
  • multicultural food vendors
  • community groups and fundraisers

There will be a Photography Competition and for the first time a Woodchopping Competition! (see the program list below) and the Derwent Valley Marching Band make their return following a popular performance at the Autumn Festival last year. TasWater will also be showcasing their ‘Water Cafe’ and providing interested people with information about wise water use and current projects.

With the weather expected to be much better than last year, event organisers are expecting a huge attendance.

What’s On?

Main Stage (Stage A)

  • 9am – 10 James Burke
  • 10am- 12 noon Billy Whitton
  • 12 noon – 1pm ‘Times Like These’
  • 1pm- 1:15pm Derwent Valley Marching Band
  • 1:45-2pm ‘Silver Zephyr’
  • 2:30pm – 2:45 Derwent Valley Marching BAnd
  • 2:45pm – 4pm ‘Silver Zephyr’

Stage D will feature performances from Claremont College, Jordan River Learning Foundation Senior School and New Norfolk High School.

The Southern Tasmanian Axemen’s Association exciting wood chopping program:

  • 300mm Jill Single Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 375mm Single Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 375 Coach and Novice Sawing Handicap
  • 375mm Jill and Jill Double Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 375mm Jack and Jill Double Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 450mm Double Handed Sawing Handicap
  • 250mm Standing Handicap
  • 300mm Standing Handicap
  • 275mm B Grade Hard Hitting Final
  • 275mm Novice Underhand
  • 300mm Underhand Handicap
  • 250mm Golden Years Standing Handicap
  • 275mm Ladies Underhand Handicap
  • 300mm A Grade Hard Hitting Final
  • 250mm Junior underhand Handicap Hot Saw Racing

The festival organisers appreciate the support from:

norske skog
derwent valley council

If it’s your first visit to New Norfolk consider completing the Derwent Cliffs Walk as an alternative route to the festival site on the Esplanade.

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