About New Norfolk Online

Keeping you informed

We publish information about New Norfolk and the wider Derwent Valley in order to attract visitors and encourage them to support our local businesses by shopping at our stores,  enjoying a meal  and staying overnight at one of our accommodation properties. Local residents also use the website to keep up with our events and festivals and also the conversations that are going on right now.

Acknowledging our place in history

We believe that it’s essential to improve recognition of the traditional owners along with our rich colonial past. To achieve this we publish historical and landmark information on an interactive timeline which outlines events over time. We welcome comments and suggestions to add more content that will enhance the history timeline.

Publicising Community and Service Group activities

We acknowledge the great work being done by Community and Service groups in our town. We are happy to help promote their programs in order to increase participation for the benefit of the people in our region.

Promoting local business enterprises

We provide free listings of businesses that are operating in our town in the form of a directory that makes them easy to find and contact.

Support the Derwent Valley Council

Our local council has a great strategic plan as part of the “Your Valley Your Voice 2030” initiative. We work with them to showcase planned activities as well as progress and achievements along the way.

Need more information ? drop us a message

If you are wanting to connect with any of the businesses included on the website please use the contact information on their page.