About New Norfolk Online

All about New Norfolk online. This website is a New Norfolk-based business owned and operated by AndrewLockman.com (ABN 98 102 402 263).

The decision to create the website was borne out of the realisation that our town could benefit from a cohesive presentation of the products and services on offer by local business-people.

The mission of New Norfolk Online

The goal is to:

  • provide an online space for the business people of New Norfolk,
  • present businesses in a stylish and cohesive manner,
  • Provide information about New Norfolk to visitors and residents.

The intention is not to replace wholly-owned independent business websites. Rather to complement digital tactics by providing professionally formatted content and functional modules.  It provides links to online assets such as business sites and social media platforms.

Who is the New Norfolk Online site for?

The primary beneficiaries of the website are the member business-operators who seek to increase their revenue. As well as local residents and visitors to the town benefit from the easy-to-consume information displayed on the site.

It’s not just about business – we want people to learn about our famous town. Furthermore, to be kept informed about our events and festivals and the conversations are going on right now.

The future of the New Norfolk Online site

The internet is an ever-changing environment and it’s expected that this site will move with it.  Keeping things fresh is crucial to maintain visitor interest so we intend to undertake annual reviews after consultation with members about what they think can be done to improve. We also welcome comments and suggestions from the local community.

Need more information ? drop us a message

If you are wanting to connect with any of the businesses included on the website please use the contact information on their page. 

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