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Be part of the way forward for business in New Norfolk. offers fantastic exposure for your products and services as part of a collective presentation of our town for local residents and visitors.

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New Norfolk Online will:

  • Build your brand and product awareness.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Serve as landing page for your marketing.

New Norfolk Online offers:

  • Affordable effective business exposure.
  • Increased search exposure.
  • A real community for business operators.

Local business micro-sites

Each business will own their own micro-site which will contain all the essential components of a standalone website. All information can be edited at any time by the business owner.

  • Business name and catchy tagline.
  • Full description of business with styling options (bold text, dot-points, numbering etc.)
  • Street address, contact phone number, website link.
  • Business location shown on Google map without showing competitor markers.
  • Categories and tags to help to be found in searches.
  • Contact form integrated with business email address.
  • Printable QR code for offline display in store and promotions.
  • Facebook feed integration (if required).
  • Google Reviews integration (if required).
Features that will be introduced in the future include:
  • Bookings system integration.
  • e-Commerce module to enable selling products from micro-sites.

$275 for full year membership

Questions and answers

Questions about memberships

A micro-site means that a business can have a feature-rich online presence without having to invest thousands of dollars on domain names, hosting services, web design and maintenance. The main goal of a bricks-and-mortar local business is to provide information to potential customers about what they do or sell, and how to get in touch with them. A New Norfolk Online micro-site achieves this as well as integrating with social media initiatives that many local businesses participate in.

By claiming your business you take ownership and can edit the information you want displayed to customers.  If you are uncomfortable with making edits yourself we will be here to help you make your micro-site the best it can be. You also gain access to the internal messaging system where you can interact with other business owners.

Look for the coloured 'Claim this business' button in the information section at the bottom of the header image.

Claim this business

Clicking on it opens up a registration page form where you add your basic information and then another form to select a payment option and then it's the usual credit card or direct deposit payment processing.

All unclaimed business listings will show full information for an introductory period. Thereafter, the content will be limited to the category, address and phone number. Business owners can claim their micro-site at any time after that date and have all their information shown.

Of course.  We want all New Norfolk Businesses to have a presence so that locals and visitors get the complete picture but we will certainly remove any listings on request from the registered owner.

Memberships are paid annually and in the month before expiry, members will receive an email reminder them to consider renewing.

No. The mission of New Norfolk Online is provide a level playing field for all local businesses regardless of their size. The display of member listings is 100% randomised (in the coding) so that everyone gets the chance to feature at the top.

Questions about functionality

At the moment no. However, we do have plans to incorporate e-Commerce and bookings facilities in the future if there is enough interest from the New Norfolk business community.  You can register your interest by sending an email to

Sure can - and we encourage you to do so in order to increase the number of people who visit your business mico-site. For local businesses that don't already have a full website (if you do you should use that URL), your micro-site URL can be used on all social media platforms, Google My Business and directory sites that are currently not sending people to your business.

All website traffic is logged and reported via Google Analytics.  We will provide regular reports on traffic to members across the year.

Businesses with a physical address are automatically shown on the search maps but trade services who work from various locations, or service providers that work from home do not. All business are equally 'findable' via text search.

The search results on the map are coded to zoom into the map to a pre-defined level. For areas that have several businesses located closely the map automatically creates clusters. These can be clicked on to reveal an expanded map containing just those clustered businesses.

Questions about content

Yep.  We've made the best endeavour to load appropriate images for each business, but members can replace them by sending new images via email to Image size is important: header images should be 1920px by 600px and logos 240px by 240px.  We can resize images down but not up so remember that bigger is better for digital imagery.

Yes please.  Our intention, in conjunction with the New Norfolk Business Alliance is to feature all local businesses throughout the year on the New Norfolk Online website and other social media platforms.

From time to time there will be information posted that has a business focus or is of interest to visitors looking to do business in New Norfolk. Selected Derwent Valley Council notices may also feature along with guest posts from business people.  The intention is to post at least one new story each week. 

That's a Quick Response Code (QR Code). Similar to a bar code, the QR Code holds information about your business micro-site (specifically the URL) and when someone aims their smart device camera at it, an on-screen option is presented to open the URL in the browser. Call it magic if you like as you can also print the QR Code and use it in the real world.  Paste it to your shop door or add to your business cards, product labels, invoices etc, and people and scan to visit your micro-site without using typing a thing.

To join New Norfolk Online

Look for the ‘Claim this business’ button on your micro-site and follow the prompts.


if your business has not already been created on the site.

Click the button and follow the prompts to :

  1. sign up for micro-site via secure credit card processing.
  2. submit your business information.
  3. we’ll confirm that your listing is live and make any required tweaks.

Or, if you have any questions please call Andrew on 0427 466 206
or send a message to

New Norfolk Online is a division of ABN 98 102 402 263

Membership notes.

All business owners who sign-up to a membership plan on are entitled to provide relevant information about their business as set out in the ‘Local Business micro-site’ section. We provide editorial governance and will ensure that typographical errors are corrected but we are not responsible for erroneous or incorrect information being displayed.

All business listings are treated as equal and there is no provision to feature one business ahead of others in their category. Front page displays are randomised by default. Website sponsors may be allocated space at the bottom of the homepage so as to not detract from business member listings. A business’ micro site page will not feature any promotion other than their own brand name, logo, description and information.